Monday, September 13, 2010

The Last Home in Centralia

This image is based on an article I read about the town of Centralia, Pennsylvania. The coal mining town has been sitting on top of an ongoing fire that has been underground for over 40 years. It is impossible to put out, and has cause almost everyone in town to move away. Almost. What kind of person would choose to live for years in a near-ghost town that has been on fire for decades?

Arctic circle 2

This image is mostly painted in Photoshop with the Cintiq tablet. Another one that started with a bunch of abstract shapes in a small thumbnail that slowly evolved into something much different. This tends to be my preferred method I guess..... let the abstraction move in its own direction until I start to get a mood or a feel for something and then go from there.

Arctic Circle 1

Painted with a Cintiq tablet and Photoshop.

Crash Survivor

These images are based on an urban myth I heard about a few months ago. A plane crash of high-ranking government officials in eastern Europe was supposed to have a limited number of survivors, but, in a bizarre incident supposedly caught on video, those individuals were shot by the first responders to the scene. All this was recorded by shaky video from some distance away... later posted on the internet. Painted with a Cintiq in Photoshop. Not sure what happened......